Season Donors

Gateway Opera would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our generous supporters!

GO Founders

Linda and Kevin Albritton
Aplin Family
Christine Armistead
Rebecca Hatlelid Boester
John R. Bradbury
Buff Buffkin and Donn Kleinschmidt
Cherstin and Tom Byers
Michele Cash
Laurel and Gautam Dantas
Gina Davis
Allyson Ditchey
S Blake Duncan
Erica and Jonathan Eimer
Joan and Dave Ellison
Dan and Laura Emge
Gary and Kathy Emge
Mark Freiman
Sandra Geary
Sally Gifford
Eric and Sara Gilbert
Sara Kendall Gottman
Paul and Ashley Graham
Erin Haupt
Gail and Chris Hintz
Gwen and Kent Hobbs
Peggy and Mark Holly
Gerry Kowarsky
Sharon and Andy Kuhn
Debby Lennon
John Lesser
Janine, John, and Janet Dugo
Margaret Lueker
Jonathan and Sasha Magee
Bob and Jody Metz
Willard Moseley and Laverne Riebold
Charlie and Lisa Muncy
Gary and Sandye Muncy
Sean Muncy
Jamie and Andy Meyerholz
Kathleen and Damon Nuebling
Trent and Heather Patterson
Stephanie Recht
Dan and Libby Reimann
Ellen Reimann
Jesse Reimann
Julia Reimann
Phil and Nancee Reimann
Steve and Charlene Reimann
Carrie Renner
Kay Renner
Nathan and Stephanie Ruggles
Meghan and Dan Ryan
Jane Sauer
Karen Schneider
Richard and Mary Ann Shaw
Shirley and Gary Smith
Beth Stanifer
Sharon Sullivan
Julia M. Triplett
Robert Valentine
Caetlyn Van Buren
Andrew Vilmur and Lisa Hendrickson
William Wade
Kelly Walker
Nancy Weaver and Mark Miller
Kimberly Werner
Paul Williams and Rudi J Bertrand

These are our GO Founders. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be considered a founder ended on April 30, 2015.