Gateway Opera

A gateway for audiences and performers.

Our Mission

Gateway Opera brings an innovative opera experience to St. Louis. By presenting opera in a way that is fun, accessible, and affordable, we reach new audience members with this fantastic art form. Our performances also provide career-enhancing opportunities by giving emerging professional artists the chance to perform leading roles.


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Kate Reimann
Kate Reimann
Artistic Director

Kate Reimann is a professional classical singer who has been featured as a soloist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and sung with all four St. Louis opera companies: Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, Union Avenue Opera, Winter Opera, and Gateway Opera. She received her Master of Music degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012, where her areas of focus included contemporary opera and song as well as acting for singers. After graduation Kate spent a year singing with and learning from grassroots companies in Louisville, KY, Bloomington, IL and Vancouver, BC, and returned to St. Louis with a vision for Gateway Opera: serving artists and audience members through a new kind of opera experience.

Matt Muncy
Matt Muncy
Operations Director

Matt Muncy graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Science. A computer engineer with over a decade of experience, Matt’s areas of expertise include web development, search engine optimization, internet marketing, and IT management. He currently works for ANOVA, a manufacturer of commercial site furnishings, supervising other software developers while maintaining their e-commerce website and business management software. Matt provides exemplary leadership, innovative solutions, and the ability to adapt to any situation. A self-motivated rock of stability, he has been invaluable in helping Gateway Opera move forward.

Michaeleh Metz
Michaeleh Metz
Development and Marketing Director

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Michaeleh confidently said, “A nun who is a nurse and runs an orphanage.” This type of career goal ultimately led her to find a place in the nonprofit world, supporting organizations that make a difference in the St. Louis region. She currently works in Development at the Saint Louis Art Museum as the Visitor Service Ticketing and Operations Manager. Michaeleh has over 10 years management and operation experience at both the Art Museum and Starbucks Coffee. In the past two years she has worked independently with small to medium size nonprofits in St. Louis on projects that include development planning, program evaluation, prospect research, grant writing, and grant program management. Michaeleh has a Masters of Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis in economic research from the University of Missouri St. Louis. While enrolled at UMSL, she also received the certificate of nonprofit management. Gateway Opera is excited to have Michaeleh on board and helping us bring a new opera experience to St. Louis!

Laurel Dantas
Laurel Dantas
Community Outreach Coordinator

Laurel Ellison Dantas discovered her love for opera while studying voice at Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota. She has performed professionally in Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis and St Louis. After many years coordinating medical trials and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, Laurel is looking forward to sharing music with the diverse communities of St Louis. Gateway Opera is excited to have Laurel taking charge of our community outreach program, GO Community, and bringing the joy of music to diverse audiences who may not seek out our performances or have the opportunity to attend.

Caetlyn Van Buren
Caetlyn Van Buren
Publications Manager

Caetlyn Van Buren is an aspiring singer, writer, artist, director, graphic designer, and juggler. She starred in Gateway Opera’s first production The Old Maid and The Thief as Miss Todd, designed the GO logo, and recently directed GO’s 2015 production The Impresario, of which Steve Callahan (KDHX) said, “Gateway Opera’s production of Mozart’s The Impresario is one of the most delightful evenings of opera that I’ve ever experienced.” Caetlyn has also been referred to as a “photoshopping genius” by Buzzfeed for her cat-centric Tumblr blog, which has been featured on many internet cat meme sites. Caetlyn graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with an MM in Vocal Performance. She gleefully acts as Publications Manager for Gateway Opera, which means she gets to make fun posters, programs, and postcards, which is one of her favorite activities in the whole world, along with opera and cats.

Lindsey Ninmer
Lindsey Ninmer
Digital Media Coordinator

A veteran to performing, Lindsey Ninmer is no stranger to theater. On stage since she was 5 years old, she earned a minor in Theatre from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2011. Although Broadway musicals are her specialty, she dabbles in all forms. She absolutely adores opera, as she studied it a few semesters throughout her undergraduate career. Lindsey holds a Master of Arts Degree in Interpersonal Communication (with a concentration in Social Media) from Saint Louis University where she currently teaches Public Speaking as an adjunct professor. Her master’s thesis, entitled “Take a Bow: A Look at Mothers’ Identity Construction on Facebook and Audience Responses,” will be presented at the 101st Annual National Communication Association Convention later this year in Las Vegas. Lindsey is currently employed with Corizon Health as the Social Media Recruiting Administrator. In her spare time, she chases around her two Shih Tzus: Sneezer and Rowdy McMuffin.

Our Story

Gateway Opera was co-founded by husband and wife team Kate Reimann and Matt Muncy. These high school sweethearts first met in choir where their love for each other and music began.

Matt’s Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved classical music. While the cool kids were listening to Smashing Pumpkins, I was buying John Williams’ scores with the London Symphony Orchestra. It has always bothered me that popular society doesn’t give opera the love it deserves.
You Already Love Opera
Opera is all around you, in your ads, TV shows, cartoons, and movies. Wagner powered Apocalypse Now. Mozart kept Andy sane in The Shawshank Redemption. Offenbach kept the fantasy alive in Life Is Beautiful. Donizetti helped save the world in The Fifth Element. Opera is also in Pretty Woman, Philadelphia, Fantasia, and many more.
Reaching New Audiences
If you’ve never seen an opera, Gateway Opera is perfect for your first opera experience. We create a welcoming environment for new audiences through low ticket prices, a casual dress code, shorter performances in English, and adult beverages you can enjoy during the show!
Opera can be your date night. It can be funny, sexy, scary, or romantic. Come and see for yourself!
-Matt Muncy, Operations Director

Kate’s Story

My singing career began around age three. From the stage of my grandma’s coffee table, I would entertain the “audience” at family gatherings. At age thirteen my Grandma took me to my first opera at Opera Theatre Saint Louis, and I was captivated by the beauty of the voices and the magic of the story. Since that time I have been blessed with family, friends and teachers who have supported my singing, and my goal in Gateway Opera is to give opportunities to artists who have the same dream I do: to bring inspiration, joy, and love to the world through music.
We Serve Artists
Gateway Opera exists to serve performers by offering professional, paid opportunities to emerging artists. Our goal is to enhance singers’ careers by providing valuable stage experience in leading roles as well as musical and acting challenges that promote artistic growth. We seek to provide a positive and supportive creative atmosphere that gives singing-actors the opportunity to explore their craft in a safe environment. Gateway Opera celebrates our artists by featuring them prominently on our website, printed programs and social media. Our goal is for our performers to feel valued, respected, and appreciated.
-Kate Reimann, Artistic Director


Board of Directors

President – Matt Muncy
Vice President – Kate Reimann
Treasurer – Michaeleh Metz
Secretary – Jasmine McCormick
Richard Shaw